Hello, my name is Kiran, I currently reside in sunny Palm Beach Gardens, FL with my two daughters. In case you may be wondering what Genuine Elegance means; they are my Style Statement words. The first word makes up 80% of who I am, and the second word is my creative kick; which is the 20%. I am thinking of re-visiting my book to see if my words have stayed the same; as we all evolve over time.

I work full-time in Property Management, but often times during my busy work day, I fantasize about the life of a homemaker. I would love to home school my daughters, make all of our meals from scratch, learn to sew and even make a quilt (corny as that may sound). 


Learning to combine both of my worlds is where the idea of the "Modern Homemaker" came in. Weather you are: a Corporate Executive, a Stay at Home Mother(Father), a Budding Socialite, or all of the above; I am sure we can all agree that home is the place we come for peace and to recharge. It is important we give it some of our time. It should look and feel like who we are at our core.

You should not feel ashamed if you want to: be apart of a charity to host fabulous soirees, bake on a Friday night, or you're the Mother(Father) of 10 little ones. We have the choice to do whatever it is we are called to do. So let's do it!

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