Sonnet James/Tieks

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

School is officially done, and summer break has begun.  I think the girls and I are gonna start it off right, and try to have a little fun this weekend.  One thing is for sure; we are going to do one of our dance routines in the livingroom.

Speaking of which; I think Sonnet James and Teiks make a perfect pair for Mommy fun.  Sonnet James play dresses are so cute, and look so cozy; and pair it with Teiks...I am sure it would be just right!

Whitney; the founder of Sonnet James says "She believes that with the right dress you can look great without letting your clothes get in the way of the next big adventure!" I couldn't agree more. Sometimes what we are wearing can confine us while we try to "let our hair down" and play. This is the time we should be as free as a bird. Try and have some fun this weekend, okay? :-)

Kiss Kiss,  


Sonnet James Play Dresses | Tieks Ballet Flats | Woman Blowing Bubbles