The Arts: Andre Woollery


The Arts: Andre Woolery

I am an art enthusiast, and I want to fill my home with it.  I have a few pieces right now, but hope to continue to grow my collection.  I am a fan of all forms of art, but I am mostly drawn to urban and Caribbean pieces.  I love color, and there is so much life in these types of pieces.

My favorite Urban artist is Andre Woolery.  I am in-love with his Erykah Badu piece.  I plan to purchase, and have this hanging in my future entertainment room.  How cool will that be? Isn't it an amazing piece of art? I love the colors and the lines through-out the Afro.  

Learning about Andre Woolery was very interesting.  He created the Jay-Z piece - pictured above - with 7,633 pushpins.  It took him 2 months to complete, and this was after his day job.  Since then he has created other pieces which he can do in less time.

Andre is also very connected to his community; which is Harlem, NY.   "I hope to encourage them to utilize their greatest weapon…their mind.  I want their head to be full of positive images in order to positively affect the world that they exist in." I have included an example of this in the video featured above.

I would like to know what artist inspires you?

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