Modern Homemaker: Lauren Conrad

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Modern Homemaker: Lauren Conrad

One of the things that impresses me most about Lauren Conrad; is her ability to set the trends and not follow them.  It thrills me to see her keeping young woman connected to the art of homemaking. You can find Lauren writing about: cooking, entertaining, crafts, interiors, etiquette, beauty, fashion and she even has a book club! Lauren also has a Social Media website; were you can set up a profile, and connect with other members on many of the topics mentioned. 

I have been a fan of Lauren Conrad ( L.C. ) for quite some time. It goes back to The Hills (Don't Judge); when she was just starting out as a design student, and interning at Teen Vogue.  Who knew she would turn into the lovely young lady she is today?  Don't get me wrong, she was lovely then; but who would have thought she would become a New York Times Best Selling Author as well! Lauren also has a channel on YouTube offering up many tips...You may want to go have a look. 

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