Homemaker: Cutting Board Care

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Homemaker: Cutting Board Care

Taking care of your cutting board is easier than one would think.  I know it is obvious to clean your cutting board, but did you know you should oil your board every three to four weeks?  Yes, after you dry off your board from washing it, you would apply a small amount to your board, and spread it over the entire board; wiping along the grain.. You would also use a thin cloth for this task; that way your cloth is not absorbing all the oil. You may also use your hand.

What about those permanent stains you can't seem to get rid of?  You can pour course salt and slice a lemon in half; take that same lemon and rub it into the salt (don't forget to squeeze it). You should let this sit awhile, and then wipe it off.  If the stain is still present you can always scrape it; or sand it off.  The salt and lemon method is also good for getting rid of odors and bacteria from your board. 

You would like to know the best kind of wood cutting board to buy? Well, that would be an end grain cutting board.   It is the best for your knives.  This is because of the way your knife slips between the grain of the wood while cutting.  What kind of wood? A hardwood like maple or mahogany would be your best choices. If I were to choose a particular brand it would be, J.K. Adams or John Boos.  Do you have a favorite brand?

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