Nourish: Prayer


Nourish: Prayer  

Becoming what I believe...I need to take my beliefs higher, and really center myself around that.  Become even more connected to the Lord through prayer. the way we develop our relationship with the Lord.  By not only speaking to him, but listening to His spirit within us.   It's like if you have a girlfriend you are always chatting with, and she comes to you with her problem; dumps all of her feelings, picks up her purse and says...okay thanks for listening; I have to go now.  How would that make you feel?  I am sure God feels the same way.  Taking the time to hear Him, and to pray about just that, if it is a struggle. 

I am not the same person when I am not checking in with Him.   I feel lost and helpless.  My actions are off as well.  I can be mean, cranky and I won't show up for life.  However, when I am checking in and keeping Him first, I have clear direction.  For me, early in the morning is that special time with Him.  What about you; do you have a special time?

Kiss Kiss,