Entertaining: Hosting a Low Tea

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Entertaining: Hosting a Low Tea

Well there seems to be a lot of different definitions about high teas and low teas, but I think I have found the best one; which seems to make a lot of sense to me.  Like to hear it; here it go... 

A "low tea" is served in the afternoon, like a snack; typically in a living room setting.  This is where you have "low" tables and chairs.  You would also have a tea cart to serve from; which helps with getting everything from the kitchen to the living room area.  I like the look of a three tiered serving tray; however you may set everything out buffet style, or you can offer courses.

The proper way to set up your three tiered tray is: scones on top, tea sandwiches in the middle and pastries on the bottom.  I, however, like it the way I have explained above in the photo.  I believe we can add our own twists with how we may host our tea, because that is how a modern homemaker thinks. ;-)  Serve gorgeous food your friends will enjoy.  Have fun with it...it doesn't need to be stuffy.

As you can see I have incorporated Society Social's fabulous bar cart; as well as their chic hostess gown.  The only thing that matters...is to make it YOU.  When you do it that way, your get together will run much smoother. 

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