Homemaker: A Beautiful Surprise

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Homemaker: A Beautiful Surprise

I have just completed a 21 day fast from meat. It was much easier than I thought, too! I didn't miss it believe it or not. It gave me the opportunity to open my palette to experience other types of foods. I didn't walk away feeling hungry; and because I didn't have to digest the meat, my body didn't have that heavy feeling.

I lost 3 inches off my stomach and 5.5 pounds. I really did it because I want to slowly introduce a new lifestyle to my body. I am wise enough to know that I should gradually make changes. I don't want to set myself up to fail. Well, off to tackle my daily water consumption.

Oooh, but before I go (duh Kiran), I wanted to share a veggie sandwich recipe with you that was delish! I would put the cheese on the hot sauteed veggies, so it can melt a bit. I didn't miss the meet at all, and it was a beautiful surprise. ;-)

Have a fabulous weekend! 

Kiss Kiss, 


 Organic Valley Cheese | Ken's Italian Dressing | All-Clad Stainless | Maille Dijonnaise