Happy New Year


Hello There!

I have not blogged in forever! Shame on me. I am sure you can understand that life can take over at times; however, the blog stays with. At times my job can zap a lot of my creative juices; leaving me feeling depleted. There have been so many changes recently that it has effected my personal life. This MUST change. 

I have been on a weight loss journey. I never really wanted to blog about this to be honest with you. I never wanted the pressure, or to disappoint my followers, or myself if I happened to not complete my goal. I have been losing weight, but I have not made it the main topic of my life and that feels good. I only hope to completely knock it out this year, and never look back. 

Speaking of this year...2014. I haven't really had a plan of what goals I will accomplish. I am really trying to live more in the moment at this point of my life. I am often looking very far into the future. While living in the moment, I would REALLY love to know what my purpose is. My friend has stirred this pot within me on this matter, and this is the question I hope to get answered this year.

So tell me what you hope to accomplish this year? 

Kiss Kiss,