Recently Your Girl Next Door asked me the following questions; so I thought I would make a post about it. ;-)

How do you define elegance?

Elegance is a graceful distinction of choices. Elegance is paying attention to the small details in life. It is taking the time to refine your thoughts and polish them before your execution. When we do that, luxury is created.

People often confuse luxury as an opulent lifestyle only; and that is furthest from the truth. Luxury is whatever brings you to a place of pleasure. This can be in your personal image; the Décor in your home; making fabulous food for your family; traveling; or sitting with your morning tea listening to the birds chirp.

Elegance is the art of living.

Why is elegance so important?

Elegance is paying attention to what moves you. We tend to look in every direction instead of within. When we fail to tap into our core, we not only miss out for ourselves, but how we can impact the world around us.

Kiss Kiss,

Genuine Elegance


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